Struggling Susan

Is this you?

  • You either already work for yourself or have a passion for helping others
  • You may already be working in the wellness industry as a coach, personal trainer, beautician, complementary therapist etc.
  • You may be considering setting up your own business in the health, nutrition and wellness industry
  • You love what you do but are struggling financially and need to earn more money
  • You don’t feel comfortable talking about money
  • You don’t like selling things to your clients/patients
  • You enjoy working with your clients, but are frustrated that they are resistant to your advice despite your best efforts
  • You are professional and enjoy personal growth/development

Your common problems

  • You are fantastic at what you do, however you lack the time and skills to create more revenue for your business
  • You are struggling financially and deep down you need more money
  • You realise you could add some extra products or service to help your clients, but worry it will mean more work. You are unsure which are the best products to recommend – after all it’s your name that’s at stake.
  • You have heard of or perhaps even considered network marketing however don’t really understand what it is and have never found a product you love
  • When you go on holiday, on a training course or are ill, you don’t earn an income

What you need help with?

  • Standing out from the competition and offering more value to your clients
  • Having more return on your time and effort and seeing more people benefiting from your advice
  • Marketing your current business to increase your client base
  • Finding products you believe in which you can offer your clients
  • Finding a solution which has a low initial outlay and does not distract you from your main passion or business.
  • A proven system to follow, training and advice to help you market your current business so you get more clients.
  • Knowing there is always help at hand, from someone who wants to help you succeed.

The Programme

Having enjoyed a career in Human Resources and Organisation and Personal Development, Irene has a wealth of experience in coaching and mentoring many individuals and groups, to realise their potential. Alongside this Irene has her own part-time business where she personally supports and mentors team members to develop their own independent business and help them achieve their goals.

Working with Irene you will explore your options, gain clarity on what is really important to you and help you grow personally, realise your potential and change your life positively. This will include the following:

Stage 1 – Complimentary 30 minute discovery call to discuss where you are right now,  your challenges and how these can be overcome

Stage 2 – Ongoing online and offline mentoring and coaching support as required in your business including Online/classroom training, webinars and, telephone support

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