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Here’s a scenario you might recognise. You look and feel tired, your energy levels are low and your hair and skin are dry and lifeless.

You tell yourself there are several possible explanations – it’s a typical feeling, you’re overworked, you think you might be coming down with something. Or it might be something far more straightforward which means you’re suffering needlessly.

Many people don’t realise they’re not taking on board the raw nutrients necessary for a healthy, vital and productive life. Intensive farming and food production, use of pesticides and synthetic additives mean our food does not contain the minerals that previous generations took for granted.

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Simply Naturals Sizzling Minerals

Minerals in our diet are essential for a variety of bodily functions and our wellbeing, intelligence, energy and immune system depend on them, as well as building strong bones and teeth, blood, skin, hair, nerve function, muscle and for metabolic processes such as those that turn the food we eat into energy.

Sizzling Minerals from Simply Naturals are a daily supplement that reintroduces these essential properties into your diet to help you live a healthier life.

The main difference between Sizzling Minerals and other multi-vitamin and multi-mineral tablets available from pharmacies and health shops is that they are derived entirely from plants. Their raw ingredients are 100% natural and come from a mine containing pre-historic 70 million year old vegetation.

The tablets sold in health food shops contain metallic or synthetic minerals which are effectively ground up rocks and clay which the body finds difficult to absorb. Minerals derived from plants are much smaller and therefore the body’s absorption rate is virtually 100%. The full spectrum of 60+ plant minerals needed for optimum health are now very difficult to obtain from one’s diet in most of the foods we eat today.

There are 75 minerals in one Sizzling Mineral tablet, compared to approx 10 in most other multi-vitamin and multi-minerals products, that’s why people are seeing such amazing results. They are simply getting into the body and kick-starting it”

Simply Living Healthier

Sizzling Minerals from Simply Naturals are 100% natural, pre-organic and do  NOT have added chemicals or fillers. They come in 600milligram tablets of 75 pure Plant minerals in four flavours – natural, orange, lemon and lime and cherry berry. They are easy to take, either an effervescent soluble tablet, a powder form which also dissolves in water, or for the vegans amongst us, in an easy to swallow capsule.

Since the product was introduced by Simply Naturals in the UK a decade ago, it has helped thousands of people to stay healthy and to offset diseases including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure and psoriasis, to name just a few, all of which can be made more likely by not taking on board enough minerals. They are increasingly used by sportspeople to help improve their performance.

Mineral Deficiency Linked With Disease

Most people are very well educated about vitamins but there is less understanding that minerals are the foundation of a healthy body and it is those which allow vitamins to be effective. Indeed Dr Linus Pauling, a two times Laureate states that “The root of all disease is directly related to a lack of minerals”. It has also been stated by eminent doctors that we require at least 60 plant minerals to maintain a disease and ailment free state.

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Due to intense farming, acid rain and extensive use of pesticides and chemicals, our soil has been massively depleted, hence the food we eat doesn’t contain the same level of minerals that previous generations were used to. As a result there is a need for us to get those necessary minerals from supplements.

Our mission is to educate people about the need for different types of minerals and we are witnessing a growing number of people reporting major health improvement/benefits from taking ‘Sizzling Minerals.

People recognise that they need to take the tablets regularly over a period of time before the results start to show but when they do, people are surprised and delighted at the change in their health and have many stories.

You cannot buy these in the shops, however you may order online and have them delivered to your door. Click here to order or alternatively, complete the form below to contact me directly.

Why not give them a try – I think you will be impressed!

So Where Have All The Minerals Gone