Messed Up Marvin

Is this you?

  • Life sucks and you are sick and tired of being in the rat race /stuck in a rut
  • You have worked all your life and have nothing to show for it
  • You have the same daily routine doing the same thing over and over
  • You have no excitement, no fun, no enjoyment in life
  • You are messed up yet faking normal.
  • You have no work life balance and are working longer and longer hours just to make ends meet
  • You are highly trained but there are no jobs available related to your skills
  • You are in a management position or a management consultant, or have your own business
  • You have the urge to quit your career but don’t have the money
  • You don’t have the money to support your kid(s) at university
  • Dead broke, Massive debts, Bankrupt, Missing mortgage payments, No savings
  • Feel lost and don’t know what the solution is to your situation. Where do I go from here?.
  • You have been made redundant, lost your house or threat of losing your house.
  • Retirement is looking bleak as you haven’t made sufficient provisions for your pension
  • You want to get your life back on track however cannot see how as you have no plan B in place.
  • Stressed, worried, depressed, tired, overweight, not eating properly
  • Having constant arguments with loved ones about money
  • Feeling depressed, emotional, powerless, feeling there is no way out

Your common problems

  • You have no time or money.
  • The bills are mounting up. You have massive debts and having been using credit cards to pay for other credit cards.
  • The car needs serviced but you can’t afford it
  • You own a house but many years left to pay in their mortgage
  • You dream of exotic holidays but have to settle for budget holidays
  • You argue with your partner more and more and neither of you are happy
  • You feel embarrassed, you have let yourself get into this situation and can’t see any way out
  • You are hungry for a solution
  • You are too poor to retire, have no pension provision and no savings
  • You have lost the passion for what you are currently doing and tired of your life the way it is.
  • You are being passed over for promotion and younger people are taking the jobs and you feel bitter.
  • You long for more time to do the things you want/used to do
  • You are overweight, don’t exercise, have lost your friends and life is not fun
  • There is too much month left at the end of the money

What you need help with?

  • Developing a plan that will help change your current financial position
  • You feeling better mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Working out what options are open to you and how you can change your life around
  • Having a work, life balance in your life
  • Feeling happy, healthy, proud and fulfilled again

The Programme

Having enjoyed a career in Human Resources and Organisation and Personal Development, Irene has a wealth of experience in coaching and mentoring many individuals and groups, to realise their potential. Alongside this Irene has her own part-time business where she personally supports and mentors team members to develop their own independent business and help them achieve their goals.

If all or some of the above resonates with you, the Irene Gott Mentoring Programme is for you.

Working with Irene you will explore your options, gain clarity on what is really important to you and help you work out how you can overcome your current problems. She will also help you become healthier and happier and show you how you can take control of your financial future, realise your potential and change your life positively. This will include the following:

Stage 1 – A complimentary 30 minute discovery call with Irene to get to know each other and explore how you will best work together

Stage 2 – Face to face meeting/Skype call to set goals

Stage 3 – Continued online and offline mentoring and coaching support as required.

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