Frustrated Fiona

Is this you?

  • You are an unfulfilled and frustrated employee or business owner
  • You are no longer excited about your job or things are not working out in your own business
  • You feel you are in a rut and have lost the passion for what you do, but don’t want to admit it.
  • You could be working for a networking marketing company but are struggling with it. Other people are experiencing success but you are not
  • Opportunities for progression/promotion in your job are limited
  • Your bosses do not value you or the effort you have put in
  • You are intelligent, hardworking and dream of running your own business
  • You have many transferable skills. If only you had another option to use them
  • The inner entrepreneur in you wants to be let out, so you can turn your life around, feel fulfilled, satisfied and positive about the future for you and your family.
  • You are willing to learn new skills to move forward.

Your common problems

  • You have no disposable income
  • You have no time for family and are working all the time to make ends meet
  • You are frustrated that you are not getting on in life or being successful in the same way others appear to be
  • You have lost your passion for what you are currently doing and are tired of not making the progress you had envisaged at this stage in your career/business
  • You are being passed over for promotion and you feel bitter.
  • You lack the funds, the marketing know-how or where or how to start your own business.
  • Your lack confidence in trying something new and fear or worry you may fail if you did.
  • You lack support of someone who will have your interests at heart.

What you need help with

  • Feeling fulfilled, satisfied and positive about the future
  • You want to love what you do
  • Having the right information so you can make an informed decision about self employment/business
  • Finding a mentor who will provide you with the support and guidance you are currently lacking
  • Defining the clarity of purpose and vision for your new business/venture
  • Having a proven system to follow, training, marketing advice and a plan that works for you, without involving massive costs.
  • Knowing there is always help at hand, for you to succeed.

The Programme

Having enjoyed a career in Human Resources and Organisation and Personal Development, Irene has a wealth of experience in coaching and mentoring many individuals and groups, to realise their potential. Alongside this Irene has her own part-time business where she personally supports and mentors team members to develop their own independent business and help them achieve their goals.

Irene will therefore work with you to explore your options, give you clarity and work with you to develop a unique plan for you, which will help you grow personally and realise your potential. This will cover the following:

Stage 1 – Complimentary 30 minute discover call with Irene to get to know each other and see what is the best fit for you in business.

Stage 2 –Online/classroom training, webinars, telephone support

Stage 3 – Ongoing online and offline mentoring and coaching support as required.

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