Irene Gott – Inspiring Change, Transforming Lives

Mentoring and inspiring individuals to take charge of their lives, support their personal growth journey and help them achieve their goals, aspirations and true success in both their personal and business lives.

For those who are looking for more and wish to create choices in their life I support them on this journey.

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Why I Believe I Can Help You Achieve Wealth & Health

With a background in Organisation and Human Resource Development I consider myself to have a good understanding of people and their personalities and have developed strong interpersonal and communication skills along with goal setting abilities, leadership, coaching and mentoring skills which I utilise to personally coach, train and mentor individuals to success, using a simple proven business model.

Are You Ready For A Change And Looking For More Out Of Life?

driven deborah

Driven Deborah – Is this you?

  • You are intelligent, hard-working and dream of running your own business
  • You are dynamic, ambitious, driven and ready for a new challenge
  • You are stuck where you are and hungry for a solution
  • You are motivated, yet unfulfilled in what you are currently doing
  • You are willing to learn and don’t give up at the first hurdle
  • You are looking for more time and money to improve your lifestyle
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Messed Up Marvin – Is this you?

  • Life sucks and you are sick and tired of being in the rat race /stuck in a rut
  • You have no excitement, no fun, no enjoyment in life
  • Retirement is looking bleak as you haven’t made sufficient provisions for your pension
  • You want to get your life back on track however cannot see how as you have no plan B in place.
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Frustrated Fiona – Is this you?

  • You are no longer excited about your job or things are not working out in your own business
  • You feel you are in a rut and have lost the passion for what you do, but don’t want to admit it.
  • You have lost your passion for what you are currently doing and are tired of not making the progress you had envisaged at this stage in your career/business
  • You are being passed over for promotion and you feel bitter.
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Struggling Susan – Is this you?

  • You love what you do but are struggling financially and need to earn more money
  • You are struggling financially and deep down you need more money
  • You are fantastic at what you do, however you lack the time and skills to create more revenue for your business
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Is Now The Right Time For You?

I am looking for people who are serious about making some changes in their lives, improving their health and genuinely making a difference to other people’s lives.

I commit time and energy to supporting the people I work with and therefore in return I ask that you have a strong work ethic, a desire to succeed, be open to learning new skills and have a positive ‘can do’ attitude.

Do You Want To Succeed?